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Organization Timezones

PST 17:50-28800

CST 19:50-21600

MST 18:50-25200

EST 20:50-18000

AST 21:50-14400

KST 10:5032400

CET 02:503600

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Message from our CEO

Org Mates,

We will be making some collective organizational changes to Core Dynamic Systems and it’s leadership structure effective immediately. These changes are to better organize our leadership and provide a more effective organization as we move into 3.0.

CEO - Tono will be stepping down as CEO and into Director of Mining (U.S) while Froggal will take over a new role of Director of Transportation (U.S). Separating these roles will align Froggal and Tono to functions that better suit what they would like in game. I will be taking over the role of CEO, my primary responsibilities will be recruiting, fostering relationships with other organizations, and acting as a focal point for members of the organization.

Directors - Members in the role of director will now be expected to perform as it relates to their area of control. For instance the Director of Mining should be focused on tasks, procedures, and organizational missions related to mining. The goal of a director is to organize their industry and the organization members who have an interest in that role, directors who do not maintain activity in their area of control will be removed and replaced. Directors will also maintain autonomy over their Executive Officers and be expected to vote on decisions as a member of the board.

Board of Directors – Directors will now be meeting on a monthly basis, or more frequently as needed, to discuss the state of the organization and make decisions that will impact the Organization as a whole.

I am looking forward to flying with everyone in 3.0 PTU and continuing to support this organization and it’s members. If you have questions or concern about these changes, please reach out to me.

Thank You,


  • Congratulations More-Tono

    2017-01-19 04:07:00, by Armageddon
    Comments: 5

    More-Tono completed Pirate Swarm with Brutal, ArmageddonHorizon and Locust all the way through wave 18 without loosing a single ship - he only had one gun at one point, but survived to the end. Way to go, CEO! He has been awarded the new version of the Expert Pilot Badge, now called the Pirate Swarm Ace Award. Earn yours today.

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  • More Promotions and New Members

    2017-01-17 03:52:00, by fiveOunceHide
    Comments: 2

    Congratulations to Froggal for his promotion to Logistics XO and Brutal on his promotion to Director - Security Force (Flight & Ground)!

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  • Happy Holidays and New Forums

    2016-12-14 04:07:00, by fiveOunceHide
    Comments: 1

    As a present to all you guys for the holidays, I've posted a new forum system for the Org. This new system will allow me to program new features easily and incorporate the forums more within the entire site.

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