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Organization Timezones

PDT 16:15-25200

CST 17:15-21600

MDT 17:15-21600

EDT 19:15-14400

ADT 20:15-10800

KST 08:1532400

CEST 01:157200

BST 00:153600

HST 13:15-36000

JST 08:1532400



  • Expert Pilots

    2016-04-22 06:23:00, by Warton
    Comments: 5

    Cubano1 Has been awarded the expert pilots badge for flying co-op vanduul swarm with teammates going to wave 18 on a single ship. Way to go sir !

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  • Merit of Service

    2016-04-17 06:18:00, by Warton
    Comments: 2

    More Tono our CEO has been awarded the Merit of Service badge for his solo efforts as recruiter. Tono has gone above and beyond on a daily basis spending 6-12 hours a day reaching out to the Star Citizen community to find members for Core Dynamic Systems.

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  • Expert Infantry

    2016-04-17 06:17:00, by Warton
    Comments: 1

    Ryker has been awarded the Expert Infantry badge for his actions on the morning of 04/02/2016 at Security Post Kareah. Ryker displayed great leadership skill and a genuine concern for the ladies and gentlemen under his command.

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