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Ichi has won an Orion from the Shubin Mining Application content RSI put on.

You can see his application here.

Be sure to congratulate the lucky guy!

7 Comments On "Congratulations Ichi!"
      • Stormhoves Jun 11th, 2016

        Well done mate !
      • peccatumDei Jun 11th, 2016

        Congratulations! Very well deserved.
      • WhooshShy Jun 11th, 2016

        Great Job!
      • Ryker Jun 12th, 2016

        Wow! this is absolutely Fantastic! HUGE Congrats are in order for this man! Way to go!
      • Armageddon Jun 12th, 2016

        Super awesome. As Tono said, "well written." As I said before...
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