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Organization Timezones

PDT 23:58-25200

CST 00:58-21600

MDT 00:58-21600

EDT 02:58-14400

ADT 03:58-10800

KST 15:5832400

CEST 08:587200

BST 07:583600

HST 20:58-36000

JST 15:5832400

I have added a requested feature to the shoutbox. It should now show when the shout was sent in your timezone if you have set your timezone in your user profile. Also, fixed a few bugs that have popped up so no more error messages on certain pages.

3 Comments On "Feature and Bug Fixes"
    • Stormhoves Oct 11th, 2016

      You rock !
    • John_Zimari Dec 6th, 2016

      Looking great! Less real work and more playing around at CDS page ;)
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