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As a present to all you guys for the holidays, I've posted a new forum system for the Org. This new system will allow me to program new features easily and incorporate the forums more within the entire site.

You can view the new forums here.

The new features of the forums:

  • Upload a signature image within your profile
  • One sign-in required (no more permission bugs)
  • Recent user posts within their profile
  • Forum search
  • Rank display on posts

There is also a new Wiki section under the footlocker here. This is where Officers can post information about the game and things the org have discovered.

Because this is a new system, we have lost previous posts. The old forums are still available here for reference until I deem them obsolete and will be deleted.

Any issues feel free to send me a PM and I'll get it fixed.

1 Comment On "Happy Holidays and New Forums"
  • Stormhoves Dec 14th, 2016

    Thanks Five ! Will keep you psoted about ideas and/or bugs for improvement !
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