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Organization Timezones

PDT 03:24-25200

CST 04:24-21600

MDT 04:24-21600

EDT 06:24-14400

ADT 07:24-10800

KST 19:2432400

CEST 12:247200

BST 11:243600

HST 00:24-36000

JST 19:2432400

Thanks to everyone that attended the meeting. We had over 10 members attend with topics such as event planning, website features/suggestions, and much more!

As promised, here is the recorded log of the meeting.



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    • John_Zimari May 6th, 2016

    • John_Zimari May 7th, 2016

      Smoking fiveOunceHide!
      (High Five) -lol
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