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Organization Timezones

PDT 00:17-25200

CST 01:17-21600

MDT 01:17-21600

EDT 03:17-14400

ADT 04:17-10800

KST 16:1732400

CEST 09:177200

BST 08:173600

HST 21:17-36000

JST 16:1732400

Lets congratulate Brutal (promoted to XO Flight) and Stormholves (promoted to XO Asset Recovery/Bounty Hunting) on their promotions. I look forward to seeing what they come up with.

Also welcome to all the new members who have joined last month. i look forward to flying with all of you in 2.6 and beyond.


There have also been some changes to the layout of the website. Hopefully navigating the new features on our site is easier. You should notice the following features:

  • Organization Tree
    • Shows the command structure of our Org allowing easy communication to users that answer specific questions/game related issues
  • Fleet
    • Shows an overview of our entire fleet. This is a summary of everyone's ship and job footlocker entries.

I  hope to add some exciting functionality to the site in the coming months to help us out once the game is released.

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  • John_Zimari Dec 6th, 2016

    Nice and gratz!
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