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To all registered members of Core Dynamic Systems: Our organization continues to evolve. We hope everyone can be patient as we reorganize yet again. Currently, founder and director John_Zimari will take the roll as CEO of Core Dynamic Systems. His continued commitment to our Organization and to everything Star Citizen has been an inspiration. Our Principles have not changed and we will continue to maintain our current course by trying to slowly grow, building a core group of players who are not only versed in the game, but share the same values.

The status of the game and overall slow game development makes it difficult to build and maintain momentum. Members move on to other Real Life commitments, and we have always supported both the transient nature of some members and the culture of acceptance.

Recently, some dedicated members dropped out of Core Dynamic Systems. Their loss is deeply felt, and we also wish them luck with their endeavors. It is not the first time valued members have moved away from the organization, and it will not be the last. We wish to maintain a positive and productive relationship with anyone who chooses to move on, no matter the reason.

For those who remain, we wish to express our commitment to the organization and to the purpose we formed in the first place, to create a positive environment where players of all levels could come together to collaborate, learn and enjoy the universe that is Star Citizen.

If you have any personal concerns, please contact us through the website by clicking on the Roster button when logged into the website, finding John_Zimari, Draf or Armageddon in the Members list, and clicking on the Send Message button.

2 Comments On "State of the Organization"
  • John_Zimari Jan 22nd, 2018

    For those who want to get in touch of those that wanted to move on and start fresh, you can find them over here.


    and from there homepage they have an Discord link.
  • John_Zimari Jan 22nd, 2018

    Like Arma said please contact us through the website PM, shoutbox or
    If you want to use our discord
    here is and updated link to it, but still same discord that we have had from the start.

    and dont forget our Spectrum chat:

    I will be available almost 24/7 as usually.
    I if you manage to PM when i sleep give it up 6hours.
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