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Organization Timezones

PDT 15:04-25200

CST 16:04-21600

MDT 16:04-21600

EDT 18:04-14400

ADT 19:04-10800

KST 07:0432400

CEST 00:047200

BST 23:043600

HST 12:04-36000

JST 07:0432400

As requested, members can now select their timezone within their profile/footlocker as well as a text box to designate when you will most likely be on. If you haven't done so already, please fill this out as this helps other members know when they can get in contact with you.

1 Comment On "Timezones"
  • John_Zimari May 15th, 2016

    Always a good job... you are like CIG come in on there day of and fix shit ;)
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