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Organization Timezones

PST 14:05-28800

CST 16:05-21600

MST 15:05-25200

EST 17:05-18000

AST 18:05-14400

KST 07:0532400

CET 23:053600

GMT 22:050

HST 12:05-36000

JST 07:0532400

Also please welcome Stormhoves to the org!

6 Comments On "Welcome Stormhoves"
    • Stormhoves May 23rd, 2016

      Yeaaahhh glad to be part of the crew guys :) Hope to do lot of things together.
      • John_Zimari May 26th, 2016

        Hej hej! varmt välkomna https://translate.google.se/?hl=sv#sv/en/Hej%20hej!%20varmt%20v%C3%A4lkomna
      • Stormhoves May 26th, 2016

        Haha !!
        Tack min vän ! Det skulle ha fungerat i franska också;)
      • Ryker Jun 15th, 2016

        Hoves! sorry I didn't welcome you! been busy with work! Glad to see a active new guy in the crowd! Glad to have you with us!
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