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Organization Timezones

PDT 00:32-25200

CST 01:32-21600

MDT 01:32-21600

EDT 03:32-14400

ADT 04:32-10800

KST 16:3232400

CEST 09:327200

BST 08:323600

HST 21:32-36000

JST 16:3232400

Principles & Guidelines

Core Dynamic Systems (CDSYS) - OUR CORE PRINCIPLES

CDSYS is an international group of adults with a culture of game skill and competency, mutual respect, organization representation and cooperation. Here are the principles we ask all our organization members to follow:

Principle #1: Real life comes first

  • play when you can, be as casual or as hardcore as you wish
  • keep in contact, be contactable
  • no mandatory play requirements

Principle #2: No piracy, no griefing

  • as a member of CDSYS - you represent all other members as lawful members of the UEE

Principle #3: The benefit of membership comes from ALL our Members for All members

  • success in the 'verse comes through cooperative and skilled play
  • certifications available for greater ingame rewards and recognition

Principle #4: Exclusive

  • give us all your attention when you can - don't split it with other organizations
  • keep CDSYS secure

Principle #5: Inclusive

  • members from around the world, all walks of life, and a wide range of ages (18 and older)
  • no discrimination based upon race, creed, color, gender, or orientation tolerated

Principle #6: Always friendly & helpful

  • elite players, no elite attitudes
  • new player-friendly, casual player friendly
  • training for novices and experts

Principle #7: Selective recruiting

  • not interested in growth for growth's sake
  • good people preferred - skilled pilots welcome
  • small enough where all members matter
  • large enough where our presence is strong

Principle #8: Full spectrum of legitimate game play

  • all aspects of game play welcome, except piracy (or anything that would reflect negatively on CDSYS)
  • full range of players – casual to hardcore members/ role-play friendly

Principle #9: NO DRAMA

  • open and approachable leadership and members/ adult behavior, adult maturity
  • respect for all organization members
  • use organization provided communications for organization activities
  • be fully committed to CDSYS objectives

Principle #10: Simple and Flexible organization structure

  • evolving as game evolves/ advancement in rank based on contribution to CDSYS
  • knowledge and skill are valued but not required

Principle #11: Participate - Connect - Build Relationships

  • Star Citizen is only a game (and still only in alpha). Yet, many members have invested much of their time building this organization, and spent huge amounts in support of RSI.
  • participate when you can, connect to get to know your org-mates, and build the relationships we will need to be successful in the verse when the game goes live.
  • connect when you can, but remember Principle #1.  All of us have a real life.

Principle #12: Fleet First

  • all members encouraged to participate in fleet first training to foster cooperation and build competency
  • practice use of brevity to encourage efficient communication while in-game