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  • Core Battle Report: Jumptown, 16 DEC 18
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Core Battle Report: Jumptown, 16 DEC 18


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Today was an active day for the org. It began with Ichi's operation to Jumptown with Wolfys of MassivelyOP, with new prospects dk0r and NUK3 joining our Discord. Later on, Rivit, Rokynn and NikkiDystiny jumped on for some group action.

The biggest event was the battle with Free Trade Alliance. After skepticism over their "security party" policy, a CDSYS freedom of navigation operation was eventually attacked by FTA. It is important to note that we did not fire the first shot, and FTA was essentially forcing people to join their ranks for safety.

Initial Order of Battle:
Core Dynamic Systems
1 Hammerhead (NUK3, dk0r, RodWan)
1 Gladius (MechPilot524)

Free Trade Alliance
1 Constellation (blkeagle)
1 Glaive (Mithrander)
1 Cutlass Black
1 Aurora (Chromoid)

MechPilot flew ahead to scout the area and reported the enemy initial order of Battle as RodWan performed a rendezvous with Nuke's Hammerhead above in orbit. Quigley was not in the Area Of Responsibility at this time. Despite his use of power management, OPFOR eventually discovered Mech's presence via active scanning at a distance of 6km. Upon discovery, Mech flew to the lab directly, ignoring the intercepting vessels, who did not open fire, but rather accepted his presence.
After a period of time and once the rendezvous was complete, it was decided to bring in the Hammerhead. As Nuke landed peacefully and disembarked, the Free Trade Alliance became on edge. As Mech attempted to flip his upside down Gladius over, someone shot and killed dk0r, who was running around on foot. All attempts to understand what was happening failed, and all manned vessels took to the air.

The tension broke as Free Trade fired the first shots on our corvette. Rod, now the only gunner of Nuke's Hammerhead, opened fire.

They couldn't crack the Hammerhead's shield with a Constellation, Glaive, and Cutlass as Rod returned fire; what began driving them off was the intervention of escort fighters: myself in the Gladius, and shortly Quigley in the Arrow. With the corvette as the center of battle, the escort used swarm tactics to overwhelm attackers one by one, their mobility useful for quick relocations. FTA believed the Hammerhead needed to die first, but were splashed by the escorts.
The battle continued as FTA reinforcements trickled in; first to arrive was a 600i which proved impossible to neutralize, but careful maneuvering ensured no CDSYS members fell to his M7As. A single Hammerhead turret was inadequate for neutralizing his shields. An FTA Gladius also kept returning to the fight to find himself short on friends; we sent his carcass back to GrimHEX every time. Some ships, however, were wary of FTA and joined our side in the fight - two or three random fighters appeared at Jumptown and joined us in assaulting the 600i who had gone red. FTA eventually brought up a Hammerhead of their own, which functioned as a missile boat attacking NUK3 until the 600i landed and its pilot jumped aboard. However, our fighters continued to dominate. Quigley and Mech were rejoined by dk0r, also in a Gladius, and the three kept the skies clear of fighters, ensuring air superiority, even if not supremacy.
The battle really ended when NUK3's game client crashed, sending his Hammerhead careening away with Rod trapped in the upper turret. However, FTA remnants failed to capitalize on this loss.
Although some forces from both sides remained in the area, no further large scale conflict occurred, with the occasional FTA fighter appearing and being destroyed by CDSYS and local forces.

I think it overall went very well, all parties involved loved having a large fight to play in, and hopefully we'll see more in the future. I am very pleased at our performance against a foe who seized initiative and had superior numbers. I would invest in an Eclipse if I knew there would be more battles like this for her to play in.

I also captured my perspective of the whole battle on film, expect to see a lightly edited version on YouTube this week.

Posted on December 17, 2018 at 7:28 AM
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Re: Core Battle Report: Jumptown, 16 DEC 18

Awesome write up!

Posted on December 17, 2018 at 10:53 AM


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Re: Core Battle Report: Jumptown, 16 DEC 18

Rock on guys !

Posted on December 17, 2018 at 4:53 PM


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Re: Core Battle Report: Jumptown, 16 DEC 18

Sounds like a lot of fun!

Posted on December 17, 2018 at 6:26 PM