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First Report: Aegis Nautilus


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Although its information is currently limited to event attendees only, through some sources I've been able to acquire info on the brand new Aegis Nautilus, a large capital-esque ship that was revealed at the Aegis event today. It's a minelayer.

○ Status: Exclusive concept sale - not flyable yet, no ETA. Soon™
○ Will be revealed to all backers on Monday at 0900 PST
○ Concept Price: $675 Warbond incl. LTI, VFG Industrial and a Serial Number
○ Crew: Approx. 8
○ Weapons:
•► Holds 24 mines, can lay them in multiple directions and can also recover them
•► Manned S7 Turret in front
•► Two Manned S3 ball turrets
•► One Manned S3 missile turret
○ Engines are VTOL
○ Cargo: 64 SCU
○ Length: 126m (stated. 3D model is made, but maybe subject to change)

More about the Mines:

• Two types of mines: Homing/Explosive Mines and Sentry/Weapons Mines
• Both lie dormant until activated by enemy coming close
• Homing Mines: When activated, flies towards target and explodes. About as powerful as S5 missile
• Homing mines currently stop in place if you run from it, but they may be coded to return to their original location
• Sentry Mines: When activated, shoots at the target with "great accuracy"
• Mines can somehow be monitored after being placed
• If you drop a mine while moving, the mine will initially have the same speed as you and then slow itself to a stop.
• Unclear whether you can drop mines while flying at full speed. These mines, it's noted, are meant to counter capital ships.

Lastly, there will be a browser game made available in conjunction with the page. There will be some achievements, unclear if they lead to actual ingame rewards at this time.
It will be live about the same time that all backers get access to the official information. For now, the information is limited to only the attendees of the event. Not even Concierges have access to it - they'll get it a day early, on Sunday the 25th at 0900 PST. The expectation is that we'll get a Ship Matrix entry when information is rolled out, so when I get my hands on that, I can make some more guesses about its niche.

Keep your eyes peeled - this ship could be interesting if and when it makes its way into the verse. It has larger forward weapons mounts than the Hammerhead, and may be a tougher target. It could be more effective with a smaller crew, and if used effectively, can threaten large vessels. I don't see it as a direct competitor to the Polaris, but the two could compete in some regards. The Polaris doesn't have any huge guns, but its large torpedoes and hangar bay could be indispensable. The Nautilus will be easier to run, and its capability will be through the large turret on the front and through its mines, especially if it can get 24 explosive mines laid quickly and if it can survive moving in front of a big target.

*Edited to correct length. Source had initially reported 146m, however corrected themselves to 126. 126m makes sense comparing the pixels of the Hammerhead vs the Nautilus.

Posted on August 24, 2019 at 7:16 PM
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