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Hurston Bunker Adventures, Ch. 2


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Joined: September 5, 2016

So me and a player I have seen a lot in chat did some Hurston bunker missions.
We discovered that doing the missions together, while not being in a party, is better for everyone involved. You can both do the mission and both get credit, not partial but full pay even if you shared kills. Currently, in a party, you only ever get paid for what you kill and only one person seems to be able to complete the final objective in the party.

We were wrapping a mission up and emerging from the bunker when I saw a hail of gatling fire fly from behind the bunker and slam into our Cutlass. Right away, I rushed us back inside, and got in my ambush spot with my ambush gun, the Ravager.

They were suspicious. Superiorbrick demanded that we come out unarmed, which I did not comply to. They fired on the doorway with their weapons for quite a minute before they gave up and landed. A glance outside the door revealed a Valkyrie.

My companion wanted to log out, and rushed outside of the bunker in a yolo move after a bit. After they gunned him down, they threw a grenade in the doorway. It didn't go far enough and exploded between the double-doorway.

Thinking of no other alternative, their pointman stalked up into the doorways. I might not have seen him thanks to the poor lighting there, if not for his Morningstar helmet's red eyes. Two double-barrel shots wiped him out, and without delay, I moved to the front door. His battle buddy was just walking in, but I fired a shot that chased him out. Figuring I would need something with reach, I grabbed my Demeco and chased them out.
The Demeco is a poor light machine gun, but an excellent heavy laser: It knocked them down in just a couple shots each.

They left their Valkyrie locked, though, and I was left stranded at HDSF-Elbridge... Think I'm going back to North Rock bounties at Delamar tonight.

There's definitely gameplay to be had right now - I hope to see you guys in the verse!

Posted on August 22, 2019 at 5:19 PM
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