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Hurston Bunker Adventures, Vol.I


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Spiller and I were going around clearing Hurston bunkers.

Second time we rolled up to HDSF-Ishmael, we parked Spiller's Cutlass right in front of the door. The turrets hadn't been spawning, I hear it's a bug that kicks in when you do missions as a party.

We're down inside Ishmael killing the members of Ex Malo Bonum, sitting at the choke point right before it splits into the three lanes around the catwalk, when I hear that bubbly noise. I know the sound well - it's the sound laser bolts make when they impact something. "Did you hear that?" I asked him. The shooting abruptly stopped - and started back again. This time, the shots were accompanied by an explosion. I cursed fate and ran for the lift, while Spiller stayed to keep the occupants at bay.

I arrived at the entrance and peered out. What do I see? I see the front right turret of a Hammerhead, retracting into the hull. No sign of our Cutlass. The Cyclone that was inside it is now a flaming wreck, sitting a couple dozen meters from where the ship had been. I almost piss myself, dive into the corner so that anyone entering will be looking away from my spot, and whip out my Ravager. "Get the hell up here!" I yelled at Spiller. He makes it up and gets in the opposite corner, lies in wait. He takes out his railgun, which will one-tap anything on foot.

It's a Hammerhead so I'm expecting a crew. As in, more than one guy. But we're lying in wait, they either think we got killed by AI or got bored, or committed suicide. So they come waltzing in the front door. Guy sees Spiller pointing the railgun at him and freaks. Snaps off some wild shots with his Karna and runs for the elevator. I start pumping 212 shot into him - and then Spiller lets the Scourge rip. Vaporizes the bandit. Nobody else followed - he was acting on his own.

What sucked is that after maybe an hour of effort afterwards - testing all the entrances, trying to climb up top wherever I could, hiring a player to assist, flying my own Super Hornet over to try and serve as a ramp until Hover Mode phsyics screwed me over, the Cyclone magically being repaired but me then randomly dying....
Ah, man. Star Citizen can be crazy and spontaneous.

Posted on August 17, 2019 at 7:30 PM
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Re: Hurston Bunker Adventures, Vol.I

Nice written ;)

Posted on August 18, 2019 at 7:26 AM