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  • ISC 5 September - Summary and Thoughts
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ISC 5 September - Summary and Thoughts


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ISC is up, and probably since the last episode or two have sucked, they did a good one this week:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lkl7DftZR6M...


• Personal storage/inventory
• Vanguard Sentinel and Harbinger

Don't worry, I'll give you a TL;DR after each topic.

On Personal Commodity Inventory and First-Person Mining:
For a while I was under the impression that this feature would include eliminating the Global Inventory. That is not the case; persistence definitely isn't there yet. However, they are going to enable players to carry three things players couldn't put in an inventory to date: purchasable commodities of all sorts, harvestables (like picking up plants from the ground), and on-foot mining.
It's going to be simple - a player can carry X amount of items inside the backpack. One interesting thing will be that you can either drop individual items, or store everything in a Stor-All box, which just appears from thin air at your feet right now. That box can then be put aboard your ship and it contents can be sold. The dev mentioned placing small weapons, magazines, and Big Benny's boxes in the personal inventory - but that functionality will not be available with the harvestables. There's still some work that needs to be done there, to do with a system called iCache. "This is the first step in that direction."

It also seems that mining will primarily be done in the new caves. Not much were said about either, but we do know that with mining you'll have an attachment for the multi-tool that will enable you to mine with it.

TL;DR: Inventory
• The upcoming inventory update will enable you to put ores, harvestables, and purchasable commodities in a virtual backpack.
• The backpack will be able to hold actual items like guns, magazines, and Big Benny's noodle boxes in the future, but not yet.
• You can dump the backpack into a magically-summoned Stor-All which can be put in your ship's inventory and treated like normal cargo.
○ Mining will be possible using an attachment to the multi-tool.
○ Mining will mostly be done in caves.

On the Vanguard Harbinger and Sentinel:

So from the developer images we saw and one variant at a time, I'm going to first analyze what it seems they have for loadouts. I'll also relay what the artist, Joe Neville, said regarding their specific features.
It still seems like CIG is trying to keep the Vanguards modular. Neville referred to the Sentinel's "central habitation pod" as being different from the Warden's, and Jared also said verbatim "Modular interiors"; to me, that suggests the Battlefield Upgrade Kit is still alive and well, even if CIG may never refer to it by that name again.

I will ignore the rumors that we will be able to customize them like when the 300-series was released for now, until we hear something more official - although it's been hinted at by the multiple paintjobs they have.

Lastly, you have been warned. Spaceship pr0n incoming! I downloaded their video and took some screenshots of the footage.


"Right now the color scheme on this is, uh, temporary"

The repeater on the front appears to be a gimbaled Hurston Attrition-4. While these aren't distortion weapons, they are currently going through a major rework since they were penetrating shields on accident. In 3.6.2, they will lose their special "most efficient when hot" effect, and having their DPS adjusted to make them competitive with the CF series. The four fixed nose guns, sadly, appear to be Joker Suckerpunches, probably Suckerpunch-Ls. I have many concerns about distortion damage, and wish the chin gun had been a distortion weapon instead of the nose guns. However, we don't get a very clear image of the nose guns, so it's actually possible they are Attrition-2s.
The turret, however, is definitely armed with Suckerpunches. I don't see any sign of the really unique and different turret that was present in the holoviewer; they seem to have gone with a more conventional option. Disappointing, but only slightly.

The Sentinel's EWAR terminal is the Vanguard's engineer station, but on steroids. The screens have temporary animations, but in the future will probably be a part of the Sentinel's specific gameplay by showing relevant information like an MFD would.
The screen sticking out into the hull was inspired by a warship's Combat Information Center. That station introduces some possibilities. None were mentioned by Neville, but I think the EWAR section could be used for intercepting data like the Herald, as well as maintaining situational awareness. A Sentinel could become extremely valuable as a command ship, providing electronic support to a combat flight and allowing the EWAR operator to function as a proper mission commander. One thing Neville did mention was hacking - he called the EWAR terminal a "hacking station". Although it may not be as survivable as a Warden, and lacks the punch of a Harbinger, a Sentinel could end up being useful in many roles.

In terms of long endurance, the Sentinel offers many of the same amenities as the Warden; it features a very compact kitchenette, just big enough to make PB&J sandwiches, as well as a bathroom, two bunks, and a gun rack.

TL;DR: Sentinel
• The Sentinel may use distortion weapons stuck in the nose as a default. Unconfirmed.
• Very large and capable server onboard the ship. In addition to expected EWAR, hacking and data-oriented gameplay seems very possible.
• Sentinel, due to its supporting role and orientation to information, may be a pocket command ship.
• All amenities for long endurance flights are still present - kitchenette, bathroom, and bunks.


So the first thing I noticed is the Combine ballistic cannon! This weapon is a monster, and its shells actually deal splash damage. Even a full size-3 shield can't stop some splash damage from going inside the target. I can't tell for sure, but I think the nose cannons are GT-870 Tarantulas based on the muzzle brakes. They're good cannons.
What's really interesting, though, is that the turret appears to be rocking quad rocket launchers. I wouldn't call it effective in a dogfight, but when used in conjunction with a pre-emptive torpedo barrage, great against larger, heavier targets.
Although ballistics have a little difficulty in completely neutralizing shields, once they do, they are more effective at hull damage. Virtually all ships in the game reduce energy damage by 10%; ballistics are not usually reduced. That may change with armor mechanics, but expect ballistics to always hurt the hull more.

The Harbinger's module boasts, as you might expect, a torpedo room. The website has stated that it uses size 5 torpedoes, and I can't see it hold more than 4 or 5 torpedoes. My concern is that targets of value require multiple size 9 torpedoes, which do seven times the damage of the best size 5. The torpedoes will be of limited value against actual capital ships, so multiple Harbingers are required. Or perhaps an EMP cross-cue with a Sentinel to take down the shields.
Like the Sentinel, the Harbinger retains the amenities of the Warden, including the bunks, kitchenette, and restroom.

TL;DR: Harbinger
• Fully ballistic stock loadout
• Turret has ROCKETS
• Same amenities as the Warden for endurance
• Engineer station replaced by torpedo stuff

On the new Proximity Assist:

I wish I had an opinion about this, but after Hover Mode, I am not that optimistic. They said all they did was reduce sensitivity when near objects or at low altitudes; it sounds simple enough. I can't really tell the difference looking at the video. We should wait for the PTU before we try it ourselves, and judge it. I do think hover mode would have been okay for certain VTOL-oriented ships, and if it didn't overreact whenever something went wrong.

Any questions, hit me up on Discord!

Posted on September 6, 2019 at 3:44 PM
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