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Organization Timezones

PST 01:43-28800

CST 03:43-21600

MST 02:43-25200

EST 04:43-18000

AST 05:43-14400

KST 18:4332400

CET 10:433600

GMT 09:430

HST 23:43-36000

JST 18:4332400

Principles & Guidelines

Organization Guidelines


Promotion Guidelines


  • anyone who asks to be a member
  • by any recruiter


  • once cleared and accepted; no activity requirement
  • by any Officer+ recruiter


  • participation in at least one Org activity
  • certified for position
  • by any Director+

Exec Officer

  • extended participation in at least one Org activity, demonstrated expertise in specific activity
  • certified for position
  • by consensus of all Director+


  • Exemplary participation/contribution to the Org, demonstrated commitment to Org
  • certified for position
  • by CEO, with consensus of Directors


  • Long-term commitment to Org, demonstrated leadership and political skills
  • By consensus of Directors


We use Teamspeak (https://www.teamspeak.com/teamspeak3) as our voice chat medium. Org operations will require that we be able to communicate quickly and effectively, so the ability to talk and listen on TS is mandatory.

Load up TS3 and connect to ts.coredynamicsystems.com  (No PW)

It is best to match your TS name with your in-game name with your forum user name.  This allows other members to easily match you in-game.

Please donate to support the Org TS Channel


  • For use by CDS Members and their friends
  • CDS members can invite their friends to use the channel, don't leave non-members unescorted
  • Please move to the AFK Channel if you plan to be away for any length of time
  • Log off if you plan to be gone long time, the server can fill up
  • Generally R-rated, except for General Chat (PG); but … pls be respectful of others at all times
  • Move to an appropriate channel when running ops (don't run an operation in the Bar when there are other conversations going on)
  • Be respectful when entering a channel; check to see if you are welcome
  • Know your audience, be respectful of others
  • Use Push-to-Talk; if you must use Voice Activation set it so we don't hear everyone in your house
  • Ask for help setting up and adjusting TeamSpeak


  • Controversial topics such as religion or politics
  • Non-members without a CDS escort


  • General Chat – PG Chat, not for Ops!
  • Zimari's Viking Bar – Adults (18+) R Chat, not for Ops!
  • UNIVERSE – Operational Channels (Flight 1-3, Marines)
  • ARENA COMMANDER - AC channels
  • STAR MARINE - FPS and Sataball channels
  • Live Stream Portal - for streaming/Twitch
  • Conference Room – for Org get-togethers, briefings, reviews; Not for Ops!
  • The Office – PW-protected private conversations, not for Ops!
  • AFK
  • Other Games